Spain — Uk — Ireland

DFDS Logistics offer an excellent door-to-door container service from Spain to the UK and Ireland, in partnership with Vapores Suardiaz Norte S.L.

Our line is served by 3 container vessels each sailing from Bilbao to UK and Irish ports on a weekly basis. DFDS Logistics provide a full door-to-door service with fast transit times and a wide range of equipment types including 40’/45’ PW containers, 45’ PW Reefer containers and 20’/40’ Flat rack units.

Sailing Schedule — Spain

Ship 1 sails from Liverpool on Mondays, is in Bilbao on Thursdays, Avonmouth on Saturdays and back in Liverpool on Sundays.

Ship 2 sails from Dublin on Mondays, is in Liverpool on Tuesdays, Bilbao on Thursdays and back in Dublin on Sundays.

Ship 3 sails from Bilbao on Tuesdays, is in Liverpool on Thursdays, Greenock on Fridays and back in Bilbao on Mondays.

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